Reporting assistance

The General Assembly has regularly called upon Member States to provide the Secretary-General, by 30 April annually, with reports on their military expenditures for the latest fiscal year for which data are available, using preferably one of the reporting forms. There are two types of reporting forms for the UN Report on Military Expenditures, the standardized reporting form and the simplified reporting form. In addition, pursuant to the recommendations of the 2011 Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) that reviewed the operation of the UN Report on Military Expenditures, a “nil” reporting form was introduced. These three forms are available in six official UN languages.

Reporting forms

Standardized reporting forms:    
Simplified reporting forms:    
Nil reporting forms:    

Pursuant to the 2011 GGE recommendations, a number of changes were introduced to the standardized reporting forms, In particular, the three columns under the heading “Military assistance” have been replaced with two separate columns “United Nations peacekeeping” and “Military assistance and cooperation”. A new column “Emergency aid to civilians” has been introduced.

UN peacekeeping and military assistance

In the old standardized reporting form, there were three columns under the common heading “Military Assistance”. They have been replaced with two separate columns entitled “United Nations peacekeeping” and “Military Assistance and cooperation”.

Emergency aid to civilians and civil defence

In addition, a new column entitled “Emergency aid to civilians” has been introduced into the standardized reporting form. The column “Civil Defence” in the old reporting form was deleted from the new form.